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To:All classmates  (4/15/2009)
2009 REUNION UPDATE - Mary Ann (McArthur) Goff contacted me to see about gathering the emails of all classmates so that we can do a reunion this summer. Please check the NAMES (http://www.mphs.lvpr.net/names.htm) page to see if you can add to or correct email addresses of our classmates. Send me (markcraven@embarqmail.com) any updates and I'll upload changes as quickly as I can. Pass on the web address to any who may not have it.

To:All classmates  (9/13/2005)
HURRICANE UPDATE - Mary Ann (McArthur) Goff recently sent an email to many of our classmates updating all on how it has affected our class. Below is the email. We all wish a speedy recovery and minimal losses from this terrible storm.
Hey - just wanted to let you know how things are here from what I have been able to find out: We had minimal damage - nothing to speak of comparatively speaking. Tree on the roof - barn down - lots of trees down.
Joe & Ruthie Bullock are fine.
Andy Boykin did not get water in his house.
Ricky Livingston's house had water on the first floor (up the stair case)
Ricky's Mom lost her house.
Tommy & Susan DeLashment did not have water in their house. I believe Tommy's office had water, though.
John Hassell's Mom's and Dad's house on Dantzler will have to be torn down.
John & Martha got the northeast quadrant (eye about 10 miles from their house in Laurel) He said minimal damage, except for trees.
Richard Roper did not get water in his house, although his daughter did. Kathy's job has been moved to Baton Rouge and Richard can work from there also, so they have been up there.
I believe Gayle Pierce Hutson's Mom, sister and brother lost their homes.
Gayle's Mom is with her in Jackson.
Colette's house is ok - no water -
I have not heard from Brenda Hall Johnson - but I am sure she had lots of water in her house - her entire area did.
Phyllis Roberts (Tugus's) is in the same area - and most of the houses there had at least 4 feet of water in them.
Robert Wells had very little damage. His neighborhood was flooded, but his house is built on higher ground.
Benny's office had about 4 1/2 feet of water - computers, records, all are a mess. They have set up shop at the building at the fair grounds. Working under pretty bad conditions.
We had to get gas (if you could find any) with armed guards patrolling the stations. Waiting in line for 2 or 3 hours. It was like living in a third world country for the first few days.
On the good side - Carl Malone (The Mail Man) *Pro Basketball Player* has brought his crew in - 25 or so guys - self-contained - 4 million dollars worth of equipment - to help out. They were cleaning up East Central Park when Benny met him Sat. He said he was here to help and did not want to go where CNN would find him. I thought that was a pretty good thing.
I am sure you have all been seeing the pictures. But nothing can truly describe the devastation that is here. There will be very few people in the nation that aren't affected some way by this storm. We have been measuring Hurricanes by Camille for 36 years - She was not an inch on this yardstick.
Phone service (even cell phones) has been crazy since the storm. Most of us could call out of state but we could not call each other. It has been difficult finding out about family and friends - especially when you can't get there from here anymore. It's crazy!!!! Our phones were on for a few hours one day last week - and then gone again until this past Sunday.
Through the whole thing I have not cried, until I started hearing from all of you. Can't tell you how uplifting that is at this time.
Will keep you posted as I hear from others. Hope you will do the same as you hear from family & friends here.
God Bless Mary Ann Goff

To:All classmates  (2/6/2005)
ANOTHER REUNION - Just for us. Plans are afoot for another reunion for 2005, just for Class of 1964 on June 25, 2005. See details on the 2005 Reunion page or email MaryAnn McArthur Goff for more details. Also, see the Names & Addresses page for that information.

To:All classmates  (1/8/2005)
Very sad news this week. Our friend and classmate, Terry Miller, died on Wednesday January 5, after suffering a stroke on January 1. I'm sure we're all saddened by her death. Please take care of yourselves and one another.

To:All classmates  (6/25/2004)
Such a disappointment. No 40th reunion just for the Class of '64. However, I have an offer for any member of the class. I have assembled a music CD of the top 20 some tunes of 1964 and will send this out free to any member of our class who requests it. Send mail request to mrc@att.net, and I'll get it out to you as soon as I can. I also have a data CD of MP3 files of the top 100 tunes of 1964 to which you are also entitled simply by virtue of graduation from MPHS in 1964. I was going to bring 100 CDs with me to the reunion, but alas, no reunion. So this is the best I can do.

To:All classmates ---  (12/18/2000) CANCELLED
Make sure your favorite music is available at the 40th reunion! Submit your 2-3 favorite songs from your school years by sending me an email with the title(s) and 'artist(s)' if you can remember them. Click the link to the music request page and send the email. We'll keep the list and do the best we can to have ALL the favorites to play in 2004. Let's hear it for Napster.com!!!

To:All classmates  (10/04/2000)
For a few additional chuckles, visit the humor page since a few more have been added in the 'old' category. Have fun.

To:All classmates  (5/26/2000)
Consider adding your name to the MPHS graduate database. There is a special database set up at ALUMNI DATABASE SERVER near the top of the page. Click and add your name.

To:All classmates  (5/1/2000)
If you have a web site or new email address, please let us know about it so everyone else can know about it. Make it simple, just click here to send the mail to the webmaster with your updates.

To:All classmates  (9/11/99)
If David Mann does not have your current email address, please contact David or me to update it. This will make it so much easier for the 40th reunion to be able to contact everyone in a timely manner. Thanks.

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