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Reunion Rehash

The class of '64 2005 'do over' reunion was a great success. The organizers need a hearty pat on the back again. Personally, thanks to Mary Ann, Wayne, David, Andy, Brenda, and Phyllis. Without you all, it couldn't have happened. If I missed anyone, let me know. It's not intentional.

The timing was perfect on this reunion. Great weather and it coincided with the Class of '65 renuion as well. And they had free beer!! And we missed getting hit by Hurrican Dennis by 2 weeks. Great planning!!

There WILL be another reunion in 2009, marking 45 years, so keep your calendar clear. Check below for photos of the 2005 reunion of 41 years. Also, if you have any digital photos that you'd like included, please email me the digital photos you want to include and I'll put them in.

Mary Ann, Colette, and Linda

Michelle has her priorities...

Impromptu dinner at Tugu's

Don't interrupt me when I'm eating...

Sign in, please.

Let the mingling begin

First come, first served at Tugu's

The corner coven

What does this button do?

Kay, Delinda, Jeanie, Colette

Waiting for the action to begin at Huck's Cove

No calories, no cholesterol, no lie at Huck's

Counselor McNeal

Wayne has their attention

Ready, aim, shoot

Dr. Joe, Robert, Dr. John

Dammit, Ken, you never get older!

Mike & my wife!!! Scandalous!

Sign in, please.

Check it twice, Janice.

Smile, Linda, dammit!

A somber moment...

What's with Janice and the books?

It must be the haircut.

Checking their IDs.

This is what reunions are about.

Why is Jeanie in so many photos?

Ahhh, memories.

Carolyn still looking great!

Overwhelmed by pulchritude.

Big Andy and Tall Andy

The Cheshire Cat Collection

Janis, you WERE there.

You don't say...

Thanks so much, Robert!

Most of the excellent photos in this collection were taken by Robert and Donna Wells. Thanks.

Last updated March 28, 2010