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MPHS Tiger art, courtsey of Ken DeAngelo
If anyone has photos they would like included here, either send digitized copies to my e-mail address or mail snail mail pics to me at
Mark Craven
2121 South Cimarron Road
Las Vegas, NV 89117
and I'll digitize them and return them to you ASAP.


I'd like to make sure everyone knows that the digital music we enjoyed during the reunion was provided by Ken DeAngelo. Hours of downloading MP3 digital recordings, hours more setting up playlists, setting up and taking down his computer system, and many other hours spent in planning and implementing this part of the program should not go un-recognized. Thanks, Ken, for a job well done.

More thanks

Special thanks go out to Robert Wells, who contributed 10 prints of his beautiful locally themed artwork for door prizes. I'm especially grateful because I won the grand prize, the large print of Lover's Lane, a location I was personally unfamiliar with during my high school years. A photo of the actual location is in the gallery below. At the bottom of the page there is a digital photo of the print. Thanks again, Robert, for your generosity and your talent.
The following 14 photos were submitted by Gail (Pierce) Hutson, in no particular order. Join the club and submit some of yours, too, so we can all enjoy them.
If you have any name corrections or additions, PLEASE email me with the corrections so I can update the information.

The Web Dude and Jimmy Ory

Trudy, Mary Jo Hyatt, and Colette

Sylvia and Janice

Table panorama

Ed Wilson & Martee Gibson

The Boykins

'Heavy' drinkers

Twin sandwich

Debbie&Craig, Janice, Delinda&spouse

Sue and Gayle

Darryail and Mary Ann

Barbara & Butch

Craig and Mary Ann

The 'big boys' club

Lover's Lane - Robert Wells' print

The photos above were submitted by Gayle Pierce Hutson

Click on any of these thumbnail photos to see the full size photo
Late Planning

..at David's house

Last minute calls

Pre-Party Preparations

Gimme the gas!

The Decorators.

Early arrivals.

Jimmy & Butch

Wow! The glare!

Jimmy & Friends...

Kayla, Mary Ann, Joe

Find a seat

First door prize

Table group #1

Table group #2

Table group #3

Table group #4

Table group #5

Are you happy, Janice?

Table group #6

Another door prize

Jimmy again!

Bad photo!

Janice & Sylvia

It's Jimmy again!

Barbara & Marvin

Group photos taken by Kayla

Group photo

Group photo

Group photo

Group photo

Group photo

Group photo

Mary Ann

Winding down

Last hurrah

Mitchell and Linda couldn't attend, but I snapped this shot during a visit the day after.
Mitchell Cirlot, wife Linda and Mom


Lover's Lane - See below...


Short Movie Clip

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Lover's Lane - Robert Wells' print

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